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  • Nikki Schwab, Washington Examiner

Valerie Plame Wilson to pen spy fiction

After writing her own spy story, Valerie Plame Wilson is turning to fiction. Last week Blue Rider Press announced that Wilson will be writing spy novels, with her first book of the series, "Blowback," to be published early next year, according to Washingtonian magazine. The book will chronicle the adventures of CIA operative Vanessa Pierson and her "clandestine lover," who is also in the CIA. Back in 2007, Wilson wrote "Fair Game," the nonfiction account of her 2003 outing as a covert CIA officer. As the Washingtonian piece points out, Plame's "Fair Game" was heavily redacted by the CIA so it makes sense that "Blowback" would be "the inside story as only fiction can tell," according to her publisher's promotional material.

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