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Exposted and Betrayed: A CIA Agent's Harrowing Tale

REPPIN Podcast

Meet Valerie Plame, a dedicated CIA agent, driven by love for her country and its ideals. Her career involved high-stakes missions to prevent nuclear proliferation--working to protect America and its people. In 2003, she was blindsided by her own government's actions. When her true identity was leaked in the news by senior White House officials.

Valerie's life was hurled into chaos as she found herself at the epicenter of a colossal scandal, her covert identity exposed, and her existence consumed by a relentless media storm. Feel the weight on her shoulders as she bravely faced Congress, bearing the brunt of scrutiny and pressure. 

Meet the woman in the center of the storm. And join us as we delve into her journey of resilience, exploring the profound impact of betrayal on her patriotism and identity. 

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